Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool Santa.....

Cool Santa!................. > > > > > >
Sardar Santa Singh Ji is the English teacher in a
 > >school. He is very
 > >well renowned for all his students do very well
>in exams. The school
 > >is having an inspection and the inspector decided
> >to visit the > >English class. This is what transpires :
 > >Santa Singh : " Bolo bachon GADHA "
> >Students (in chorous) : "GADHA "
> >Santa Singh : " Bolo bachon GADHA , GADHE KE
> >Students (in chorous) : "GADHA , GADHE KE PECHE
 > >GADHA" > >Santa Singh : " Bolo bachon GADHA , GADHE KE
 > >Students (in chorous) : "GADHA , GADHE KE PECHE
> >MAI" > >Santa Singh : " Bolo bachon GADHA , GADHE KE
> >Students (in chorous) : "GADHA , GADHE KE PECHE
> > > >By this time the inspector is furious. He
 > >confronts the principal and
>shouts at him "What is this Santa Singh teaching
> >to students. He is > >supposed to betaking an English class and what
 > >he is saying is GADHA
 > > > >The principle too is shocked , Santa Singh the
> >famous English teacher
> >doing this. He immediately sends for for Santa
 > >Singh. Principal : "
> >Santa singh ji what nonsense are you telling
> >these students, GADHA , > >GADHE KE PECHE GADHA ,
> >Santa Singh : " Yes i was telling all this in
> >class, but i was only
> >teaching the students the spellings of

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smart Sardar

>Smart Sardar................. > > > >

Once a cruise ship carrying people from all the

>nations was going on
> >a 'around the world' tour when it got grounded.
 > >The ship became slow
> >and finally came to a grinding halt.Captain of
> >the ship called an
 > >emergency meeting and told the passengers,
 > >" Friends, we are in trouble because of God's
> >being angry with us. We
> >need to give sacrifice and I need three people to
> >sacrifice their
 > >life so that rest of us can be saved."
> > > >All of them moved towards the Deck where a
 > >japnese came forward and
> >shouted "Long live japan" and jumped into the
 > > > >Then a Israeli jew stepped forward said
>"Hellulaja" and dived into
 > >the sea.
 > > > >After that no one came forward for few seconds
> >while people stared at
 > >each other and suddenly out of nowhere a Sardarji
> >came forward near
> >the railing and chanted, " Jo bole-so-nihal, sat
> >sri akaal, wahe
> >guruji da khalsa, wahe
> >guruji di fateh, Jai maa Kali, Jai maa Durga, Jai
> >Hanuman, jai Sri
> >Ram, Jai siva-sankar, Jai baba nanak di, Jai
> >jawan jai kissan
 > >".................... and finally yelled at the
 > >top of his voice,
> >"Bharat mata ki jai",
> >And Kicked the pakistani standing next to him in
 > >the sea. > > > > > > > > > > > >

4 sardar

hi everyone,
There were 4 sardars in Mumbai. They decided to start a business.
They had a lot of discussions on the type of business and finally decided to start
a hotel.They selected the best of locations and cooks and built the hotel. The hotel was
inaugurated and was awaiting its first customer.The sardars waited and waited but nobody
turned up. The story was the same the next day. A week passed but nobody turned up.
WHY ? - B'cos there was a sign at the entrance "Visitors not allowed".After the failure of
their hotel they decided to start an auto garage.They bought the best of car servicing
equipment's and soon started the garage. The 4 sardars waited that day for the first car to
arrive but no car entered their garage. They waited for one day, 2 days ,a week but no car
came to their garage.
WHY ? - B'cos their garage was on the first floor.After this failure they
decided to fall back on the good old taxi driving.
They bought a new Premier Padmini running on
CNG and began to look for passengers.
They drew past Church gate but nobody hailed their taxi.
They went to Nariman point yet nobody hailed their taxi.
They drove to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, even there
nobody hailed their taxi. In desperation they kept on
driving all around Mumbai but alas no one hailed their taxi.
WHY ? - B'cos all the four sardars were sitting in the taxi.
All the 4 sardars were very disgusted with their naseeb and
decided to push their taxi into the sea at Marine Lines.
They started pushing their taxi. They pushed the whole day
and were very exhausted but the taxi did not move even an inch.
They decided to rest for the night and start the next day.
The next day the story repeated itself. The taxi just wouldn't move.
They pushed for a whole week but the taxi wouldn't budge.
WHY ? - B'cos two sardarjis were pushing from front and two from behind.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Condition of women

Today the great problem of the world is ''The Absorption of Women''.This disease is very dangerous for this world.everyone knows this disease very well but all body behaves as like that,all is well.But i think it is not well becoz women is also a living thing.....& in any country consstituent,there is no permission to hurt any living of thing.......But in this world it can't.......Many country(most of develop country) had control the women absorption.But the nondevelop country like India, Pak, Nepal etc there have no. of crimes in women absorption becoz there the mentality human is very low in about women....Mostly people think that women is the of use & he apply the Use & Throw technology so there the no. of rapes are increases......many women also think that she makes for use.......But the this mentality of women is the biggest reason to her fall.....
The government of India are so tried to improve the condition of women but it be not completely successful.......In year 2007 the government of india pass an act for womens protection to internal violence.....But after that the condition of women not improved ........The all world government combined to this matter & take a decission & make a day for womens all we knows that the ''World Womens Day''& that day comes on 8 march.......
I think that when the case of women absorption will completely ended to india then india becomes develop country becoz in any develop thing there have hand of women as they man,country, city, etc who tooo...... but the condition of women be improve by her ownself....And the government of india fully corperate the womens & the effort of india government is to interface to education of those womens which situated on small cities & villages becoz there have great problem of education in small cities & villages.....Many celebraties like Shabana Aazmi,Vidya Balan,Priyanka Chopra,Bipasha Basu & the film director Madhur Bhandarkar do great efforts for improve the condition of women....The film fashion comes & lights the condition of womens & the object of film is ''If u have passion to do any work then nobody can stop uuu.......The President of India are makes a great deal in front of indian womens........
SO GET UP.........& ACHIEVE UR GOALLLL............

Saturday, January 30, 2010

FaCt wItH loVe...

"neveR C tHe SucCeSs MaN...aLwaYs C THe haRd WoRk by tHiS suCcEsSfUl Man wHicH tHeY DO iN uR LiFe fOr AcHiEvE tHis suCCeSS............"